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Set of seven buildings located at the confluence of four streets: Mouzinho da Silveira, Ponte Nova, Bainharia and Viela do Anjo. The aggregation of these properties allowed for a rehabilitation operation on an unusual scale in the Historic Center of Porto, where narrow and small lots predominate.
The joint intervention allowed the creation of thirty-three new fractions. It was a long process (ten years) due to the constraints inherent to the reparcelling operation, the constraints inherent to the urban and heritage context of the territory and the programmatic reformulations introduced in the middle of the process. design options: in the case of buildings in good condition, it was decided to maintain and reinforce the construction system. With regard to the buildings in ruins, given the difficulty of shoring, the controlled demolition and reassembly of the facades were carried out. On the new facades, a zinc coating was chosen, in different colors, reinforcing the individuality of the buildings while maintaining the coherence of the overall image of the complex.

Porto, Portugal
Architecture/Coordination: Adriana Floret
Engeneering: NCREP
Construction: 3m2p - Construção E Reabilitações De Edificios, Lda

Photography: João Morgado