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The building located in the Cedofeita area of town had that quality that is typical of all 19th century anonymous
buildings: the construction was superb. Furthermore, it was possessed of the equally anonymous history of the modifications it had undergone over the times, seeking to adapt the building to the needs of its users.
There are few traces of its origins in the final result bar its superb construction quality, of course. Based on that, we strove to present an ambitious programme: to create a home for a family of five, which would have to include a study for the head of the household and a library.
Viewed in contemporary terms as a large family, the kitchen and communal areas required an approach
encompassing a constant flow of people, while safeguarding the family’s peace and quiet. The library was tucked away on the stairs, a structural element of domestic life. The kitchen was fitted to a module “at the crossroads of everything”, a place everyone has to pass through, whether residents or visitors.

Porto, Portugal
Architecture/Coordination: Adriana Floret
Architecture Team: Inês Dinis, Jorge Teixeira
Engeneering: Avelino Santos, N40W8 Lda., Smartdomus
Construction: Rielza, Técnica e Construção do Douro.

Photography: João Morgado