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This proposal took the maximum advantage of all construction elements that were in a good state of repair. The staircase and beams were kept and recovered, as was the main façade. The roof was rebuilt in keeping with the original design and materials. The original staircase takes up a considerable amount of room on each floor, which decisively influenced the project.
An existing construction in the backyard, occupying more than one floor, was demolished so that the rooms on the upper floors could look out over a light and airy prospect. After that, the project developed with the ‘leftover’ spaces. We proposed a skylight in a contemporary design at the top of the staircase, to light and enhance the stairwell, as well as to serve as a complement to and improvement of such characteristic feature of the architectural typology of Porto houses.

Porto, Portugal
Architecture/Construction: Adriana Floret
Architecture Team: Patrícia Cunha, Telma Cunha e Maria João Brandão . Fundações e Estruturas: Sérgio Martins
Engeneering: Fernando Ramos, Serviços de Engenharia Lda, João Ferreira, Joana Costa, Infinitech Engenharia

Photography: Fernando Guerra.