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The history of this building dates back to the 14th century. Under João de Almada, the father, and his son,
Francisco de Almada, it acquired this neo-classical façade. In the 20th century, Carlos Loureiro and Pádua Ramos designed its modernist staircase that is the acme of elegance. When it came to us, all we had to do was to respect all the layers which had by then attained a remarkable balance. It was a bank. It had once been many other things: the offices of forwarding agents and insurance companies, as well as a warehouse. Initially, it had been a home.
Now it is a hotel. Tomorrow? Who knows?
What we do know is that whoever comes after will still be able to see this timeline in the building. And, if all goes well, they will hardly notice we were there. We carried out a critical reading of the various historical layers incorporated into the building, and adopted solutions to perform a smooth transition from bank to hotel. The main intention here was to add
elements without compromising the presence of the many historical layers, doing it in such a way that the intervention could be reversed.

Porto, Portugal
Architecture/Coordination: Adriana Floret
Engeneering: A400 . Fiscalização:
Construction: : Lucios – Engenharia e Construção

Photography: Ivo Tavares