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The plot of land is set over three east-facing terraces with a four-storey building serving as the more private quarters of the house, with rooms and compartments for use by the family. Given its reduced size, it was decided to enlarge the area by introducing three new constructions on the land: a new extension to the house, a garage and a swimming-pool.
The volume of the new-build to extend the living area comprises the more public areas of the house: the entrance
hall, kitchen, living room and pool house. It is placed at right angles to the existing building and set over two floors. It stretches east along and relating to the various levels of the terraces of the land, distributing the various uses of the terrain with different seating areas, routes and relationships of shade and sunlight, in this case more directly with the swimming pool.

Porto, Portugal
Architecture/Coordination: Adriana Floret
Architecture Team: José Carlos Dias, Ana Catarina Simões, Maria d’Orey, Andrea Correia, Marta Moraes
Engeneering: NCREP - Consultoria em reabilitação do edificado e património, ASL & Associados
Construction: CS - Construtora . Lightdesign: Softlight

Photography: Ivo Tavares